First Post!!

This is my first post and also the first day of my hair journey, this post is just to give a little insight about who I am, problems I have with my hair currently and my plans for my journey.

I have decided to make changes in my life and realize the first step will be to take care of ME. I start researching healthy hair journeys last year but got nowhere, as a single mother who is also a  full time student  I just couldn’t find enough time in the day to get everything done but since omitting some distractions in my life I am now up to the challenge.

Since I was about 10-11 years old I’ve had a relaxer and over the years I have witness the changes that my hair went through; from thinning around the nape area, lost of length,  breakage and overall poor health. I have not been making things any easier as I have not been taking care of my tresses either.

I will start this process by taking baby steps; I’ve set a time frame of 12 months as that is as far as I can commit to at any given time, at the end of that 12 months I will then make another commitment.  The purpose of this journey is to achieve healthy, moist and fuller hair; I will also like to achieve growth in the nape areas and of course overall growth.

My hair is currently at shoulder length ( just did a relaxer today) and I am trying to get to at least armpit length at the end of my 12 months. In a given month I will be doing regular washing every other week and co-washes for the weeks that am not doing a regular wash; each week I will deep condition after every wash or co-wash. Currently  I hardly use flat irons as I wrap my hair 99% of the time; I will also try to limit the use of heat during my journey on my hair by air drying or roller setting my hair after every wash. Will be incorporating 100% natural oils such as coconut oil, castor oil,  extra virgin olive oil (evoo) etc in my deep conditioner and in oil treatments.Will moisturize and seal every night.I will be doing my relaxer 12-16 weeks ( will try to stretch as much as possible), I will also be doing protein treatments.

I am open to advice, suggestions and encouragement..Wish me luck!!